Microwave blocks

Automated microwave components for your lab

HFE offers automated (PC-controlled) microwave blocks with incredible performances:

  • RTT-ATT, microwave variable attenuator (phase invariant) 0.1-18 GHz, available ranges: 30, 60 and 90 dB, 12 bit resolution
  • RTT-PHS, microwave variable phase shifter DC-18 GHz, available ranges: 160, 320 and 480 ps delay, 180000 steps
  • RTT-FIL, microwave tunable band pass filter with excellent phase stability, 0.8-4 GHz, 2-18 GHz and 2-26.5 GHz models

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Custom Calibration and Test Fixtures

Accurate characterization for accurate measurements

HFE has developed the capability to design and produce custom calibration boards and test-structures for on-board measurements.
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