About HFE

HFE was founded in 2008 to develop custom microwave test-sets in RF/microwave measurement technology.

HFE bases its know-how on decades-long academic and professional experience in microwave measurements all around the globe. Since the beginning it starts a strong worldwide activity for major semiconductor companies, especially for active load-pull systems.

HFE expertise covers

  • on-wafer two-port and multiport scattering parameters measurements
  • nonlinear active device characterization
  • special vector network analyzer measurement and calibrations
  • microwave consulting and training

Moreover, HFE offers advanced consulting and training on

  • RF/Microwave measurement theory and techniques
  • Calibration Theory and Techniques
  • ActiveX/COM techniques for interfacing with network analyzers and other RF instrumentation
  • Control Software

HFE High Frequency Engineering Sagl
6537 Grono (GR)

tel +41 918 294 380
fax +41 918 294 381
e-mail info@hfemicro.ch